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Re: misc.schema bundled with OpenLDAP - recommended?

Gavin Henry wrote:

I notice that misc.schema says at the top:

 20 # Not recommended for production use!
 21 # Use with extreme caution!

This definitely the case?, as I wanted to use 'nisMailAlias' and
'rfc822MailMember' from it, but not sure now.

I've done our own schema ages ago with
suretecMailAlias/suretecMailAliasMember, so might stick with that, but
wanted to use a bundled schema for most things.

Should we stick with our own for Mail Aliases, or use bundled?

We've been using it in production for (literally) years with no problems; I guess somebody should remove those two lines, I never noticed them ...


Tonni Earnshaw
tonni @ barlaeus.nl