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Re: Cannot get "logpurge" to work

Dave Horsfall wrote:

Our format in slapd.conf is slightly different from yours:
logpurge        02:00:00 24:00

Not according to the manual page... The above would say to purge entries older than 2 hours, and to scan every 24 hours; was that your intention?

Yes, the entries aren't worth much to us once they've done their job, any querying by us is done immediately after an update (which even for a modification for many hundreds of modifications happens like greased lightning over all slaves) and such a modification produces thousands of these records, since there's one record for each attribute. Leaving them for 24 hours is OK nad I really want an immediate delete. That's what our original shell script did.

I'd seriously suggest you go ahead with delta-syncrepl and have a look at chaining referrals from slave servers; they're two facilities in the latest 2.3 that are worth gold to us, in any event.


Tonni Earnshaw
tonni @ barlaeus.nl