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Re: misc.schema bundled with OpenLDAP - recommended?

> > I notice that misc.schema says at the top:
> >  20 # Not recommended for production use!
> >  21 # Use with extreme caution!
> > This definitely the case?, as I wanted to use 'nisMailAlias' and
> > 'rfc822MailMember' from it, but not sure now.
> > I've done our own schema ages ago with
> > suretecMailAlias/suretecMailAliasMember, so might stick with that, but
> > wanted to use a bundled schema for most things.
> > Should we stick with our own for Mail Aliases, or use bundled?
> We've been using it in production for (literally) years with no 
> problems; 

Same here;  and several applications or normal configurations  recognize
nisMailAlias & rfc822MailMember.   The real problem here is that the
effort (if there every really was one) to create any kind of
'standardized' for common purposes has been dead in the water for ages.

> I guess somebody should remove those two lines, I never 
> noticed them ...

I notices them, and ignored them.