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Re: hints for troubleshooting Replication problems

On Sun, 25 Jun 2006 23:02:10 -0400
"matthew sporleder" <msporleder@gmail.com> wrote:

> >
> > Thus, I asked about hints which could help me to find these
> > evidences and make a proposal to my Managers for upgrading to the
> > latest version.
> >
> Just do a slapcat or ldapsearch objectclass=* on the master and then
> on the replicas to find missing entries.  You will then have to
> manually fix them.  Or just copy your master's database to the slaves
> and start them from scratch.

By manual fixing them , do you mean to add the entry on the slave using the replica credentials?
I was thinking to delete the entry on the master and then added again it.
The delete operation will generate an error on slurpd because slurpd will not find the entry but I can
live with that.

> As far as a proposal for upgrading, I installed slurpd and found that
> openldap 2.3 + bdb could do write operations 10x faster than openldap
> 2.1+ ldbm and read operations 5-6x faster.  That means that the same
> hardware you're currently using can now service at least five times as
> many clients.  My management seemed very pleased with the free upgrade
> that equated to $100k worth of server equipment and no additional
> licensing/support costs.  :)

Very nice to know this.
> This is also a good time for you to upgrade to solaris 10, since
> solaris 8 is almost EOL.

The company is moving to Linux so I am not worry for this.