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hints for troubleshooting Replication problems

Hello all,

I am having a problem with the replication in few OL servers running on Solaris 8.

The version of OL is 2.0.27, I know I know it is very old but right now I would like to
find ways to spot the problem.

The setup is quite simple, one Master and one Slave( in very few cases there are 2 Slaves).
The servers hold more that 2 million entries and the apps do a lot of searches for indexed attributes.
The logging is disabled for all OL servers.
When there is one Slave it runs on another system and when there is a second Slave, that one runs on the
system where Master runs.

The write operations on the OL are not that many but I don't have any statistics.
But there are less than 100 write operations per day.

The problem is that there are entries on the Master but not on the Slave(s).
The entries can be 10 or 20 but can be in some cases 200.
So far I haven't seen any rej logs and I haven't been able to reproduce the problem.
Every time I add or delete an entry on the Master the Slave(s) are updated accordingly.

I was thinking to enable debug logging on the Master, slurpd and the Slave server but I am pretty sure
this will break the performance of the system.

Do you have any hints how I can troubleshoot the issue and spot the problem?

Thank you in advance,