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Re: SLAPD accepts connection, then hangs

On Fri, 20 Jan 2006, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

> > I'll see if I can convince the boss to let me upgrade, but it's hard
> > to reproduce and I don't want to deploy it in the field without major
> > testing first.  Well, that's why bosses get paid so much :-)
> If you want to convince him, just let him know that about nine months
> ago, as soon as I started a new project based on back-meta, and 2.3 was
> about to get into beta (so back-meta and libldap were essentially the
> same as in 2.2), concurrency tests (like test036) could last few
> operations before coredumping everywhere.  Now back-meta (and back-ldap)
> can withstand test036 and test039 and, in some bench cases, we could
> reach > 20000 read/s thru a single 2 P4 machine running the meta proxy
> for __days__ at this rate (>2 billion queries without a single failure).
> This is basically 2.3 (occasionally with patches).  Whatever bug may
> still be out there (ITS#4246, ITS#4247, ...) be sure they are also in
> 2.2, but you cannot notice them because it's going to core ages before.

Useful ammunition - many thanks!

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