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Re: SLAPD accepts connection, then hangs

On Thu, 19 Jan 2006, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

> > The symptom is that SLAPD accepts a connection, then nothing further
> > happens.  This happens around once a month, making it difficult to nail.
> > Because the connection has been accepted, the client does not bother
> > trying the backup server.
> It is possible it is related to:
> ITS#4338
> which wasn't fully fixed until:
> 2.3.18

Funny you should say that; we are using back-meta, but I understood
it was substantially rewritten in 2.3?  That assertion doesn't appear
to be in 2.2.26.

> There were a number of symptoms other than that listed in the ITS.

Hmmm...  And we are indeed belting the daylights out of back-meta...

I'll see if I can convince the boss to let me upgrade, but it's hard
to reproduce and I don't want to deploy it in the field without major
testing first.  Well, that's why bosses get paid so much :-)

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