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Re: BDB auto-recovery fileownership

Eek, that was an awful incomplete post :(


After a 'crash', OpenLDAP does a auto-recovery of the database environment, but it set the filepermissions of "__db.*" to root:root. Slapd runs as user 'ldap' and is therefore unable to continue after a auto-recovery has taken place. Manually changing the ownership to 'ldap.ldap' and restarting the service is required for the deamon to work again.


OpenLDAP: openldap-2.3.14-3.1.srpm
BDB: 4.5.52

Build on a Fedora Core 3 host. I used the 2.3.11 specs file from Fedora Expiremental, and changed it to build 2.3.14 with BDB 4.5.42 in stead.


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Subject: BDB auto-recovery fileownership

Hi all !

Can someone point me how to tell slapd to set the ownership of the __db.* files to 'ldap.ldap'. Currently they get set to "root.root", which leads to slapd not being able to run :( ....

Is this a DB_CONFIG setting which I cannot find in the documentation ??????