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Re: BDB auto-recovery fileownership

On 05/01/06, Aaron Richton <richton@nbcs.rutgers.edu> wrote:
> I'm pretty sure Sleepycat doesn't have any setuid() calls that could be
> hit from DB_CONFIG or similar. slapd(8) does, of course; are you running
> slapd with "-u" and/or "-g" options as appropriate?

If this fails then check if you run db_checkpoint (case of OL 2.2.x;
should be run with uid 'ldap' of course --> as it might happen that
db_checkpoint will commit something to disk, and if run with root
uid... file(s) will be owned by root - am I right?).

> Of course, once the files are there as root:root, slapd -u is
> insufficient; you'll have to chown them prior to starting slapd.

And you will have to do this every time you slapadd something as root
or other user.