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Re: syncrepl and back-config Openldap 2.3

> Hello,
> I red the docs but, I don't really understand how to manage the
> back-config
> What is the way to use it (rootdn and so on)
> How can we replicate only schema and acl using syncprov?.

As far as I know, configuration cannot be replicated right now.  Note that
plain replication of configuration is less than ideal, because the
producer and the consumer have to differ.  There's a development effort in
that direction, which consists in populating a "fake" config database on
the producer which gets replicated to the consumer.  This does not work
yet, as it requires two components (back-relay and slapo-rwm) to support
table-driven configuration, which is not trivial (see
for discussion).  Of course contributions are welcome.

> I just used -F and see that there was ldif files appearing from the
> slapd.conf conversion. My test version is now 2.3.15

The above mentioned setuo works when starting with slapd.conf; however,
the configuration directory doesn't get populated accordingly, so at
successive restarts the replicated config is lost.


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