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Re: Corrupt LDAP DB ...

--On Tuesday, November 01, 2005 11:12 AM +0200 "C.Lee Taylor" <leet@leenx.co.za> wrote:

	Seeing that quite a few people have a similar problem, this might mean
there is serious fault or flaw somewhere. I don't hear any of the
commercial directory services explaining that there product is know not
to run out of the box, I don't think that is sane.  None of the online
documentation like the quick start guide or admin doc for 2.2 seems to
mention the DB_Config.  The FAQ does, but for somebody whom wish to take
OpenLDAP for a spin, might give up of OpenSourceSoftware, because it
crash with the default install.

DB_CONFIG is specific to the BDB software package, which is not controlled or distributed by the OpenLDAP project. As with anything, you as the administrator should know and understand the basic workings of all the software packages involved, not just OpenLDAP. This general concept applies to many software packages, commercial or otherwise. If you install something that requires the Oracle DB backend, there is an assumption that you have a DBA who understands how to create and configure Oracle Databases around. This is no different.

And the major point here, is that your problems stem from two things:

1) Using RedHat's distribution of OpenLDAP which is *known* to have problems, and that is the fault of the distributor, not OpenLDAP


2) A lack of basic sys admin skills on your part

Now you can attribute that to 'lack of documentation' and other stuff all you want. The fact is, your problems do not stem from the OpenLDAP project, or a lack of documentation. And yes, you emailed the list to get help, which was provided to you, and which for quite some time you decided to ignore. And at this point, I'm through with this discussion.


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