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Re: Corrupt LDAP DB ...

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
I suggest you re-read my response. I said what signal to use.
	I did see that later after reading more of the maillist, thanks.

>>	Started and stopped correctly, do you mean running slapd with
>> options to start and then kill -9 slapd ... Is this incorrect or is
>> there a better way to shutdown slapd?

> Using kill -9 on slapd is the same as causing an abnormal shutdown.
> If you are using kill -9, then you are likely the cause of your
> data corruption. A normal kill, or kill -INT, are the proper ways
> to shut down slapd, as it allows it to close out the database
> before exiting.
Okay, I was trying to follow the logic in the FC scripts at a quick glance, so I not 100% sure this is correct. That is why I asked.

I'm hoping this might be the reason and is easy to fix, will test on my system before putting into production.

> You said in a previous email that you knew how to run OpenLDAP and
> had been for some time, yet your . I strongly urge you to really
> pay attention to the advice you are being given from this list
> instead of continuing to ignore the suggestions (like DB_CONFIG).
Yes, I have been running OpenLDAP since the days of RedHat 7.0, more and more putting data into the OL server as one comes to understand it better. Extending it over many sites and lots of people.

I am paying attention, I wonder if you are ... As a user whom is trying to better understand something and not just take everything that is given too them, but apply it to the current situation.

Some of the discussion is also feed back for the developers and documenters, this is not me flaming anybody, just stating my opinion.

Seeing that quite a few people have a similar problem, this might mean there is serious fault or flaw somewhere. I don't hear any of the commercial directory services explaining that there product is know not to run out of the box, I don't think that is sane. None of the online documentation like the quick start guide or admin doc for 2.2 seems to mention the DB_Config. The FAQ does, but for somebody whom wish to take OpenLDAP for a spin, might give up of OpenSourceSoftware, because it crash with the default install.

I have made my way through the problems of running OpenLDAP on an FC installation and if I can help make OpenLDAP better, with or without Fedora Core, I'm really going to try, that is one of the reason I have turn to the maillist, hoping to understand my problem better and hope that I might be able to give a little bit back. I really hope that make sense.


P.S. I still think OpenLDAP is a great tool!