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Re: Slurpd vs. Syncrepl

--On Tuesday, November 01, 2005 11:36 AM +0000 Leigh Porter <leighldap@leighporter.org> wrote:

What is heavy ? ;-) Currently I only write when we have a new customer or something like a password change so it's hardly a heavy write environment but what is? My tests currently do 1 write per second (either a write or a modify) - is that heavy or are we talking about 100s of writes a second being heavy?

I had to push 40,000 updates through my production systems as fast as they would take it. :P So I then set that up against my testing environment.

delta-syncrepl and slurpd had the slaves updated with the 40k changes in about 30 minutes (essentially keeping pace with the master). Normal syncrepl took over 2 hours to catch up the replicas.


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