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Re: Corrupt LDAP DB ... ans 2.3.11 syncrepl

--On Tuesday, November 01, 2005 10:52 AM +0000 Leigh Porter <leighldap@leighporter.org> wrote:

Hiya all,

I tried refreshAndPersist and replication died - did I do something

syncrepl rid=123 provider=ldap:// type=refreshOnly interval=00:00:00:20 searchbase="dc=ukbboss,dc=co,dc=uk" filter="(objectClass=qmailUser)" scope=sub attrs="sn,cn,mailDomain,mailUsername,mail,mailMessageStore,qmailUID,mailS ervices,accountStatus,mailQuotaSize,userPassword,Tier-Of-service,Roaming- Indication,PrimaryUser,Additional-PDP-Contexts-Allowed,User-Trace-Indicat or" schemachecking=off bindmethod=simple binddn="cn=Manager,dc=ukbboss,dc=co,dc=uk" credentials=cheese

# type=refreshAndPersist

I'd replace the first instance of "type" at the beginning of the definition rather than adding it separately at the bottom, where you might be introducing white-space issues or something. :P


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