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Re: syncrepl w/ 2.3 and bdb 4.3 working great

If you would like to try them, here are patches against OL 2.3.7 to improve HDB's performance.


Sorry, I haven't had a chance to try this yet. Actually, they now want me to move my current setup into production Friday morning. I'm still interested in testing it though. I'm going to be replacing our radius servers next and they talk to ldap, so I'll need to build a new lab environment anyway. I'll give it a shot then, but it won't be for another week or two.

In case anyone is interested, I've decided to go with the following setup for my move to production.

openldap 2.3.7 w/ patched syncprov.c.
berkely db 4.2.52 w/ 4 patches from sleepycat and one from openldap (for

I didn't notice anything specific to bdb 4.3, but since 4.2.52 has been
running great for quite some time, we decided to go the safe route.
Others have told me about a few bad experiences with 4.3, so just in case,
we're going to wait on it.

This will handle about 400,000 users for authorization/authentication of dial, dial isdn, vpn, ftp, personal homepage web interface, adsl service selection (cisco ssg/sesm), wifi hotspots, content filtering, nntp, and our broadband portal. We mostly use freeradius as a radius server for these that talks ldap to our directory. A few in that list just talk ldap directly.