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Re: syncrepl w/ 2.3 and bdb 4.3 working great

How is your testing doing with OL 2.3.7 and BerkeleyDB 4.3.28?

I was wondering if BerkeleyDB 4.3.28 was suitable for production use
with OL 2.3.7.

So far, things are looking good with 2.3.7 and bdb 4.3.28. For my recent test, I did a dump on my production directory and imported it into my lab machine. That gave me about 300,000 entries. Then I ran a script that did the following:

-add 10,000 users
-delete 5,000 users of those new users
-add 5,000 of those users back and 5,000 additional users
-modify 10,000 of the 15,000 new users

That was run with a single ldapmodify command that took all the changes from a file. I then ran searches against the master and two slaves while the adds were going. The searches will still fast during all the adds.

At the end of the script, I did an ldapsearch and compared the contextCSN numbers w/ master and the two slaves. They both checked out.

Then I did an ldapsearch objectclass=* under the base of my users on each server, output to a file (> ldap${host}.ldif) and then ran a diff on those files. All the files were the same, no diff.

So, it looks good to me so far. I have my development provisioning system now pointing to the development ldap server and all customer adds/deletes/modifications are flowing through correctly and replicating correctly.

I'm not seeing any issues, but then again, I'm not working with a whole lot of data here either.

-Dusty Doris