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SyncRepl stops after a few entries [auf Viren überprüft]


I installed two 2.3.4 server. In the first I added 33 MB of test data under ou=admindepot,ou=foo,o=bar (slapadd) and added the syncprovider-overlay conf in slapd.conf.
In the second server I just add the initial ou=admindepot,ou=foo,o=bar entries und configured syncconsumer in slapd.conf.
SyncRep evertime ends after the same 6 -partially with not all the attributes- entries of a few thousand.
I cannot see any specific error.
Is this one of the in latter releases fixed SyncRepl issues?

[When I fill the first server by ldapadd, while SyncRepl is currently established, the entries get replicated.]