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R: SyncRepl stops after a few entries [auf Viren uberpruft]

Meybe I'm wrong: I'm quite new to this list, but is seems that the problem is due to limits to the size of the replication log file.

It is probably better if you first setup the replication matters between the servers with an empty db, start both the servers and finally populate the db with your 33 MB nodes and attributes.

The 6MB limit you experience seems to me more or less the default maximum size of the replication log.



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> Inviato: lunedi 12 settembre 2005 15.34
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> Oggetto: SyncRepl stops after a few entries [auf Viren uberpruft]
> Hello!
> I installed two 2.3.4 server. In the first I added 33 MB of test data 
> under ou=admindepot,ou=foo,o=bar (slapadd) and added the 
> syncprovider-overlay conf in slapd.conf.
> In the second server I just add the initial ou=admindepot,ou=foo,o=bar 
> entries und configured syncconsumer in slapd.conf.
> SyncRep evertime ends after the same 6 -partially with not all the 
> attributes- entries of a few thousand.
> I cannot see any specific error.
> Is this one of the in latter releases fixed SyncRepl issues?
> [When I fill the first server by ldapadd, while SyncRepl is currently 
> established, the entries get replicated.]
> Hans