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Re: R: SyncRepl stops after a few entries [auf Viren uberpruft]

--On Monday, September 12, 2005 4:58 PM +0200 Giampaolo Tomassoni <g.tomassoni@libero.it> wrote:

Meybe I'm wrong: I'm quite new to this list, but is seems that the
problem is due to limits to the size of the replication log file.

You are wrong. :) He is using slapadd to populate the DB, which means there are no replication logs generated (plus slapadd is the fastest way to initially populate a DB).

It is probably better if you first setup the replication matters between
the servers with an empty db, start both the servers and finally populate
the db with your 33 MB nodes and attributes.

The 6MB limit you experience seems to me more or less the default maximum
size of the replication log.

syncrepl doesn't generally create a replication log (slurpd replication does, however). You may be confusing the two.

In either case, he really needs to upgrade, because 2.3.4 had a number of syncrepl related bugs. I have a well-working syncrepl setup with 2.3.7 and the patch I sent in a previous email.


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