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Re: substring index oddity

Em Quarta 24 Agosto 2005 19:44, Quanah Gibson-Mount escreveu:
> I agree, why not? I do. :P  But this isn't necessarily an argument for 
> compiling from source.  It is an argument against using Debian's packaged 
> releases since they are inadequate.  There are other packages of OpenLDAP 
> that keep current.

Don't be so hard on them or any other distro. For you, it's just openldap. For 
them, it's openldap + libldap + liblber and TONS of other packages that 
depend on those. Distros are wary about upgrading because of that, and 
openldap has already changed the API once during a minor upgrade (please note 
I'm not complaining).

The argument of "install openldap somewhere else where its libraries won't be 
seen by the other programs" doesn't work for a distro. It works for you, for 
me or for a company providing (open)ldap services, but not for a distro.