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Re: substring index oddity

--On Wednesday, August 24, 2005 9:22 PM -0300 Andreas Hasenack <ahasenack@terra.com.br> wrote:

Em Quarta 24 Agosto 2005 19:44, Quanah Gibson-Mount escreveu:
I agree, why not? I do. :P  But this isn't necessarily an argument for
compiling from source.  It is an argument against using Debian's
packaged  releases since they are inadequate.  There are other packages
of OpenLDAP  that keep current.

Don't be so hard on them or any other distro. For you, it's just openldap. For them, it's openldap + libldap + liblber and TONS of other packages that depend on those. Distros are wary about upgrading because of that, and openldap has already changed the API once during a minor upgrade (please note I'm not complaining).

The argument of "install openldap somewhere else where its libraries
won't be  seen by the other programs" doesn't work for a distro. It works
for you, for  me or for a company providing (open)ldap services, but not
for a distro.

That goes along with my argument that people shouldn't (generally, there are some exceptions) be using linux-distro versions of OpenLDAP for a directory service, just for directory clients, and simply use versions of OpenLDAP dedicated purely to providing the directory service (whether from a company or self-compiled).


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