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Re: Connections timing out to OpenLDAP server

On 8/19/05, Kurt D. Zeilenga <Kurt@openldap.org> wrote:

> Of course, the problem still may have very little to do
> with OpenLDAP Software.  Likely some network service, like
> DNS, is temporarily unavailable.  

New information from the last observed episode:  Load averages were
around 3.5 on the LDAP server.  It normally sits at 0.0 - 0.5.  "top"
showed slapd using the highest CPU percentage.  A quick restart of
LDAP immediately corrected the problem.

> Ben, did ldapsearch(1) report anything before, during,
> after the hang that might indicate what the problem is?

ldapsearch did not report any errors; it merely took 30s or so to
respond instead of its normal nearly-instantaneous reply.

> At what point did it hang?  (use -v and/or -d -1 to gain additional information).

I will attempt that the next time this occurs.
> You should attempt other services, such as ssh(1) between
> the hosts during the hang.  If anything else hangs, the
> problem is likely not specific to OpenLDAP Software.

I will do so.  Note that my ssh sessions into both of the boxes were
responding fine throughout.  Next time I will ssh directly between the
two as well.

Thank you!