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Re: Connections timing out to OpenLDAP server

At 02:32 AM 8/19/2005, vincent wrote:
>Could you tell us which smtp/pop server  are you using?

Given the list charter, this question is out-of-place.  Any
discussion of the particular SMTP/POP server should be taken
to lists supporting those client.  Given the Ben has stated
that ldapsearch(1) hangs as well, it's now quite clear the
problem is not specific to the particular SMTP/POP server
or the other client in use.  Hence, its clear, that the
answer to your question is not relevant.  Ben should avoid
providing the answer, to avoid introducing off-topic
discussions into this thread.

Of course, the problem still may have very little to do
with OpenLDAP Software.  Likely some network service, like
DNS, is temporarily unavailable.  Unless OpenLDAP Software
diagnostics provide some hint as to the problem, Ben will
have to use other tools (such as ping, dig, etc.) to
attempt to isolate the problem.

Ben, did ldapsearch(1) report anything before, during,
after the hang that might indicate what the problem is?
At what point did it hang?  (use -v and/or -d -1 to gain
additional information).

You should attempt other services, such as ssh(1) between
the hosts during the hang.  If anything else hangs, the
problem is likely not specific to OpenLDAP Software.


>I suggest first on the machine where the mail server is running to :
>ping the openldap server
>check that the port 389 ( if it's the one used ) is opened when you nmap the ldap server from the mail server
>then from, this start,
>on the openldap server, you do a tail -f /var/log/syslog
>on the mail server, try to do a connection.
>If no logs appear in the syslog of the openldap server, then problably, the mail server is not able to contact the openldap server :
>so this is probably an error in your mail config file
>If there are any logs appearing in the syslog, this mean that there is a dialog between the mail server and the openldap server
>in this case, this is probably because the mail server doesn't have the rights to access the ldap server.
>As you say, the logs do not show any errors, but do they show at least any messages? Could you past them?
>Le 19 août 05, à 07:52, Kurt D. Zeilenga a écrit :
>>Well, the first thing I suggest is to try to duplicate the
>>problem using OpenLDAP command line tools (on the system(s)
>>which these other clients are running on).   If you're
>>unable to, that would suggest the problem is with these
>>particular clients, not the OpenLDAP server (or network).
>>At 10:21 PM 8/18/2005, Ben Beuchler wrote:
>>>I'm using OpenLDAP 2.2.26 on Debian to authenticate SMTP and POP/IMAP
>>>clients.  Intermittently both the SMTP and POP/IMAP server will begin
>>>reporting errors indicating they are unable to bind to the LDAP
>>>server.  These episodes have lasted as long as 15 - 20 minutes.
>>>The logs on the directory server do not show any errors from slapd.
>>>Any clues on where I should begin troubleshooting?  These devices are
>>>on the same switch and there are no other indications of connectivity
>>>problems, so I think network issues can be eliminated.
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