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Re: Connections timing out to OpenLDAP server

> > Any troubleshooting recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
> Are you seeing any CONNECT messages in the slapd logs during these
> episodes? (Assuming you continue testing with e.g. ldapsearch which will
> make a new connection at startup.)

None of my logs are showing much slapd info, aside from startup and
shutdown information.   What loglevel would I need to set to see
CONNECT messages?  I tried 8, which would seem to be the logical
choice, and only saw a ton of thread management entries.

> As Kurt asked, do other network services such as ssh work when slapd
> doesn't?

I know network services were fine in general when this was happening,
as I was accessing both the client and server boxes via ssh from home.
 I did not attempt a direct connection between the two, but I
certainly will next time I see this happening.  They are directly
connected to the same switch, so connectivity issues seem relatively

> If you "telnet ldapserver 389" from your client system when this issue
> comes up does slapd answer? If you change 389 to another network service,
> does it answer?

I will test this at the next opportunity.

Thanks for the suggestions!