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Re: LDAP Search: If filter contains nonexistant attribute, entry will not be returned as a 'hit'

I've discovered that the LDAP server I was using to test with is old
and horrible, still only supporting version 2. So I tested with a
better, newer version 3 LDAP server and all search filters work
perfectly now.

Thanks for all your help! :-)

 - Jeremiah

On 7/27/05, Pierangelo Masarati <ando@sys-net.it> wrote:
> > Jeremiah Martell writes:
> >> I've attempted to find what kind of server it is (searching root/base
> >> for "objectclass=*" and looking for vendorName, etc) but nothing shows
> >> up. I'll continue to try to determine which "brand" of LDAP server it
> >> is. Anybody know of any other way to determine this?
> >
> > If you don't know if it's an OpenLDAP server, it's off-topic here and
> > you are in any case better off at ldap@umich.edu where there are more
> > people who know other kinds of servers.  My first step would be to ask
> > the sysadmin:-)
> Well Hallvard,
> if he doesn't get anything while not asking for all operational
> attributes, it's likely an OpenLDAP server...
> Jeremiah,
> can you please search the rootDSE for all operational attributes (i.e.
> requesting '*' '+')?
> With respect to your other question, I note that the non-working filter is
> broken (there should be an opening bracket after '&'), unless the typo
> occurred when cut'n'pasting into the email.  However, this type of error
> should show up directly at the client's side, because that string canot be
> parsed into a valid filter.  Otherwise, reversing the order of the terms
> in an AND cannot change the result (despite claims from some vendor which
> I heard long time ago).
> p.
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