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LDAP Search: If filter contains nonexistant attribute, entry will not be returned as a "hit"


I'm using openLDAP and I'm attempting to search with a filter like the

In English:
   Find all entries whose "objectClass" is "person", has an email
address, and one of the following attributes contains "jere": sn, cn,

In LDAP Filter language:

My problem is that if a particular entry does not contain each
attribute (sn, cn, and blahblah) they will not get returned as a hit.
The attribute "blahblah" is obviously a nonexistent attribute, but
being inside an "OR" parenthesis group I would assume that wouldn't

I desire to search many entries in my LDAP for a particular "search
keyword", and I want to search a couple possible attributes for that
"search keyword". I would think if an entry's "sn" attribute contained
"jere" but it didn't have a "cn" or "blahblah" attribute, it would
still get returned as a "hit". This is not the case.

Is there a problem with my search filter? Is there another way to
accomplish what I'm wanting here? Any help would be appreciated.


  - Jeremiah