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Re: LDAP Search: If filter contains nonexistant attribute, entry will not be returned as a 'hit'

> Jeremiah Martell writes:
>> I've attempted to find what kind of server it is (searching root/base
>> for "objectclass=*" and looking for vendorName, etc) but nothing shows
>> up. I'll continue to try to determine which "brand" of LDAP server it
>> is. Anybody know of any other way to determine this?
> If you don't know if it's an OpenLDAP server, it's off-topic here and
> you are in any case better off at ldap@umich.edu where there are more
> people who know other kinds of servers.  My first step would be to ask
> the sysadmin:-)

Well Hallvard,

if he doesn't get anything while not asking for all operational
attributes, it's likely an OpenLDAP server...


can you please search the rootDSE for all operational attributes (i.e.
requesting '*' '+')?

With respect to your other question, I note that the non-working filter is
broken (there should be an opening bracket after '&'), unless the typo
occurred when cut'n'pasting into the email.  However, this type of error
should show up directly at the client's side, because that string canot be
parsed into a valid filter.  Otherwise, reversing the order of the terms
in an AND cannot change the result (despite claims from some vendor which
I heard long time ago).


Pierangelo Masarati

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