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Re: Rename attribute before return

> Hm... In my case, this most likely going to all be done for anonymous
> binds
> (Outlook email client comes to mind).  My though here is to create a fake
> branch in the DIT (cn=outlook,dc=stanford,dc=edu) that rewrites Stanford's
> custom schema into what Outlook (or another email client) wants.

Then it would be (almost) trivial:  use back-ldap (2.2) or back-relay with
slapo-rwm (2.3) to map objectClasses/attributeTypes the way Outlook wants
them.  If you use back-ldap on a different host you may keep the real
naming context; if you use back-ldap on the same host, or back-relay
you'll need to rewrite the naming context as well.  All you'd likely need
to do is:

database ldap
suffix <virtual naming context>
uri ldap://<host:port stuff>
suffixmassage <virtual naming context> <real naming context>
map attribute <outlook> <real>
map objectclass <outlook> <real>

database [relay|ldap]
suffix <virtual naming context>
# if back-ldap...
uri ldap://<host:port stuff>
# if back-relay
relay <real naming context>
overlay rwm
rwm-suffixmassage <real naming context>
rwm-map attribute <outlook> <real>
rwm-map objectclass <outlook> <real>

> I myself actually don't need the uid/userID thing anymore (someone else @
> Stanford had asked the question, but it never became an issue).



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