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Re: Server 2.3.4 & back-sql (+ back.c dif) cannot modify database

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

The "add procedure is not defined for attribute "cn" - unable to perform replacements" line seems to be the problem.

Is there an additional 'insentry_stmt' type paramter that I would need in slapd.conf?

No - insentry_stmt and similar are to customize __entry__ bookkeeping, not for data modification. What you need is the add_proc in ldap_attr_mappings for the inetOrgPerson objectClass. What RDBMS are you using, and where did you get the sample data from? Data for PostrgreSQL is the most complete and actually passes all sql-test* in the test suite. Did you succeed with that?

No, I haven't tried using PostgreSQL.. I'm bound to an existing mysql server, so that's the sql-test* test suite I loaded, from the mysql dir.

I will try the add_proc per your suggestion.

Incidentally, one could image all hierarchal data being stored in as little as one rdbms table (or two/three for storing schema and OID mappings), since there is already a field for the member's parent.. This also seems like a more simplified approach (vs the object<-->table model that the sample data seemed to create). Is there a way to achieve this currently?

Thanks again,