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Re: Server 2.3.4 & back-sql (+ back.c dif) cannot modify database

> > No - insentry_stmt and similar are to customize __entry__ bookkeeping, 
> > not for data modification.  What you need is the add_proc in 
> > ldap_attr_mappings for the inetOrgPerson objectClass.  What RDBMS are 
> > you using, and where did you get the sample data from?  Data for 
> > PostrgreSQL is the most complete and actually passes all sql-test* in 
> > the test suite.  Did you succeed with that?
> No, I haven't tried using PostgreSQL.. I'm bound to an existing mysql 
> server, so that's the sql-test* test suite I loaded, from the mysql dir.
> I will try the add_proc per your suggestion.

You have to have a very recent version of MySQL (>=5.0)in order to have
SPL support.

> Incidentally, one could image all hierarchal data being stored in as 
> little as one rdbms table (or two/three for storing schema and OID 
> mappings), since there is already a field for the member's parent.. This 
> also seems like a more simplified approach (vs the object<-->table model 
> that the sample data seemed to create). Is there a way to achieve this 
> currently?

Actually, it is much more complicated then tat.