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Re: back-config problems

On 7/8/05, Aaron Thoreson <aaront@midco.net> wrote:
> I am having trouble getting the initial config LDIF loaded into OpenLDAP
> 2.3.4.  I figured I was doing something wrong so I trimmed down the
> config.ldif to a slightly modified copy of the example provided in the
> 2.3 Admin Guide.  It seems regardless my changes, I still die here:

I'm not sure about your error, but I found the best way to get started
with back-config was mentioned in the slapd man page

"If both -f and -F are specified, the config file  will  be  read  and
converted  to  config  directory format and written to the specified

I started with a slightly modified slapd.conf, ran slapd -f
path/to/slapd.conf -F path/to/slapd.d to get a set of ldif config
files.  then I removed slapd.conf.

the ldif config files seem complete in that they contain what appear
to be all of the settings, with default values if not provided in the

I think this would be useful to add to the admin guide.