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Re: slurpd trouble

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

--On Wednesday, June 29, 2005 4:01 PM -0500 Scott Mayo <sgmayo@mail.bloomfield.k12.mo.us> wrote:

How do I do this?  I can do a 'ldapsearch -x -b
"dc=bes-serve,dc=bloomfield.k12.mo.us" "(objectclass=*)"
and I get all of the information.

ldapsearch -x -h <host> -b "<base>" -D "<bind id>" -W

It seems that the replica user can bind without a problem.

I did the following

ldapsearch -x -b "dc=bes-serve,dc=bloomfield.k12.mo.us" -D "cn=replica,dc=bes-serve,dc=bloomfield.k12.mo.us" -W

from both the Slave and Master and it worked fine.

I still get the Credentials error when I run slurpd for the user I added.

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