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Re: openldap 2.3 recommended bdb version

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Aaron Richton wrote:
>>OpenLDAP 2.3 requires that you use the transactions patch to BDB 4.2.52
> Strictly speaking, this isn't true. It's greatly beneficial to run with
> Degree 2 isolation, but if sites believe they have a compelling reason to
> not use unofficial patches, they don't have to.

Is that based on experience with 2.3 running on an or similar
without the transaction patch?

> It's probably not in their
> best interest, but who are we to judge? (Until they start asking
> openldap-software why their disks fill...)
> I have a feeling that the Degree 2 isolation patch is going to become a
> FAQ as 2.3 gets adopted. I've tried to summarize under "Which version of
> BerkeleyDB should I use?" in the FAQ-O-Matic; revisions encouraged.
> Hopefully this will eventually get to be a Google hit for "BerkeleyDB
> 4.2.52 library needs TXN patch!"

If admins actually manage to see that message. Most problems I've seen
so far with 2.3 actually die with something along the lines of "Database
corrupt, recover from backups" (I don't have a log extract handy at

I think a configure error would be more appropriate. 2.3 just doens't
survive on (I may try with before adding the
transaction patch, though I don't think its going to help).

> and I say:
> 4.2.52, plus all official patches, plus the unofficial Degree 2 patch,
> proved itself stable with 2.2 and works with 2.3. I'd be interested to
> hear feedback results with 4.3.28, but will personally focus on a OpenLDAP
> 2.3+patched Berkeley DB 4.2 combination for now.

and I say:

2.3 on doesn't seem to survive for more than a combination of 1
day running and 10 restarts on my laptop.


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