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Re: Plea for Server Side Sorting

At 07:24 PM 3/31/2005, Eric Nichols wrote:
>I'm just trying to bring something positive to the table here.  I wouldn't ask
>for it unless there was something like an RFC and client ability to use
>sorting  to help point the way to a solution.

I suggest you read the RFC again.  Note that the RFC doesn't
require the server to return sorted results.  It only
a method for a client to request sorted results and a server
to indicate that the results are sorted or not.

>In my limited logic and knowledge of OpenLDAP/slapd internals...
>No matter how complex the query (using indexing or not) there is still
>produced a result set.  Maybe someone can enlighten me, but I'm guessing that
>result set is stored in memory before it is sent to the client (or paged to
>the client).

Bad guess.

>I do not have any doubt in an ldap application wanting to make an API call to
>a server... If I am over simplifying please tell me how it can be done, not
>how it can't...

Robust directory clients that need sorted results sort the
results themselves.  Robust directory clients avoid extensions,
especially extensions that add unnecessary complexity.