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Re: syncrepl 2.3.2beta

>Could this be because we're running the OpenLDAP server 'rootless'? The
>migration of several organisational trees into a single ldap server is
>required whilst we migrate to a New World Order. This keep old (and
>outside of our control) business functions operating, whilst new
>development (and the replacement business functions) are brought
>on-line. This 'feature' is something we're heavily relying on for our
>migration plans.
>Does replication and this rootless-ness form an unsupported case?

Replying to myself:

It does appear replication does not like dealing with a rootless
provider. One idea which I thought might be possible would be to have a
rootless provider and have multiple syncrepls on the consumer for each
of the trees, with the specific searchbase set:


however this still doesn't work. 

If a root is specified in the provider, the consumer and within the
syncrepl everything works great!

Is the rootless replication something which is intended or are there
technical issues with implementing this?

Best regards,

Rob Fielding

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