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syncrepl 2.3.2beta


Just trialling 2.3.2beta wrt to syncrepl. 

Given the absence of docs, and having read 


I've created a provider and executed a slapcat thus:

$ slapcat -l slapd.cat-232

I have then copied that to my provider and done a slapadd, thus:

$ slapadd -v -w -l slapd.cat-232

which exits:

slapadd: context entry is missing

I can see from specifying -v that the import reaches the final LDIF

Can someone tell me if my commands have been correct.

Starting slapd on the consumer (w/out any options) starts successfully,
and contains data (seen in gq) however does not seem to replicate any
changes. Starting slapd with -c and a cookie csn built from the final
entries "entryCSN" causes slapd to segfault. This however was a guess as
there's nolonger an ldapsync contextCSN as found in a openldap 2.2 ldif.

I'm going to try again with CVS HEAD.


Rob Fielding

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