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Re: syncrepl 2.3.2beta

rob fielding wrote:


Just trialling 2.3.2beta wrt to syncrepl.

Given the absence of docs, and having read

The 2.3 manpages are up to date in the distribution. The (preliminary) 2.3 Admin Guide is also up to date.


I've created a provider and executed a slapcat thus:

$ slapcat -l slapd.cat-232

I have then copied that to my provider and done a slapadd, thus:

$ slapadd -v -w -l slapd.cat-232

which exits:

slapadd: context entry is missing

I can see from specifying -v that the import reaches the final LDIF

Can someone tell me if my commands have been correct.

That error message indicates that the entry for the database suffix is missing..

Starting slapd on the consumer (w/out any options) starts successfully,
and contains data (seen in gq) however does not seem to replicate any
changes. Starting slapd with -c and a cookie csn built from the final
entries "entryCSN" causes slapd to segfault. This however was a guess as
there's nolonger an ldapsync contextCSN as found in a openldap 2.2 ldif.

I'm going to try again with CVS HEAD.


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