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Re: ldap load measuring and reproduction tools

"Howard Chu" wrote:

Nowhere in this email thread have you ever mentioned the name or version number of the "product" you're currently using.
True. The idea was to gather as much information as possible, hoping/assuming that it would prove to be either 'generically applicable', or at least 'translatable' to my specific scenario and situation.

I'll note that the current release (2.2.23) supports all of those features

Really? So you mean that - for example - 'multiple-master', or 'peer-replication' (or whatever you want to call multiple writeable servers for the same suffix) is supported in OpenLDAP these days ? I couldnt find that bit of information anywhere on the openldap website, but perhaps that just means that I havent looked hard enough or in the wrong places.

On a side note, without knowing the size of your database or your query rate, or the hardware involved, it's pretty tough for anybody to credibly say whether updating 10-20 replicas will be practical or not.

Well one of the reasons behind the questions was that I was wondering if it was realistic to expect any limitations in the software, like serialisation and/or scalability issues.If it turns out to be a just an issue of 'throw-more-hardware-at-it-and-the-problem-will-go-away' then its not really an issue for us. In my personal experience however, this is really rarely the case in practice, and you will start to hit some sort of softwareinduced scalability issue sooner or later. My main concern is whether it is realistic to think that we will hit that limit for replication with the amount of servers mentioned.

Anybody offering opinions on this question in the absence of such crucial details is just blowing smoke.

Thank you for providing the insight.


John Smith.