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Re: ldap load measuring and reproduction tools

J.Smith wrote:

The current plans are to add a total of about 10 to 20 ldap replicas to the
master. However, this raised some questions. For example, there might be
a real world practical limit (or even theoretical limits) to the amount of
replica's you can add to a master server. Another concern is that the master
might be spending all of its time synchronizing the replica's, without being
able to answer any request/updates any more, or will at the least require
significant hardware upgrades.

Depending on the amount of updates, you might hit a limit when replicating to more than 6-8 servers. I think that if you need 10-20 replicas, then the architecture and design of your directory service is less than optimal.

You can increase overall performance in another way with OL by doing subtree synchronization with syncrepl. Synchronize portions of the DIT with dedicated servers, e.g. accounts branch to the mail server and to the web portal, etc. Configure those high-traffic services to use their local copy of the data.