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Re: ldap load measuring and reproduction tools

----- Original Message ----- From: "Mike Jackson" <mj@sci.fi>

The scalability problems which you will inevitably encounter will be a direct result of this poor design.
As a result of this poor design which you have to work with, you are now placed in the position in which everything else you do is going to be far from optimal.

Well at the risk of getting seriously off-topic here (and/or turning this into a flame-war) - this is not necessarily so. Some LDAP products let you do replication based on search filters - which (for replication purposes) effectively give you the same flexibility benefits as the hierarchical structure, but without the high-maintenance downside inherent to the hierarchical structure. If the business needs change, you can simply change the filters to meet them and you're all done. Also, some LDAP server products let you do something you might consider calling 'cascaded replication' - where ldap server A replicates to server B, and server B replicates to server C. This then takes the replication induced load of the single master server you have. And lastly, some products let you set up multiple master servers, increasing the availability and scalability of the 'write' part of LDAP as well. It's just that the product currently used can't/doesn't. So the position im currently in can just as easily be viewed as a shortcoming of the product currently used, as opposed to a fundamental flaw in the layout of the directory.

My advice: Try to get assigned to a different project. Save yourself while you still can!

Sorry, not my style.
Im currently considering to advise migrating to a product that does support all of the features mentioned above, and wait with adding all of the proposed replica's until such a migration is completed.

Thanks for providing the feedback though,


John Smith.