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Re: ldap load measuring and reproduction tools

J.Smith wrote:

So, do you mean that you have a single root-level with no branches


into which all user, group, and other objects are intermixed?


Do you use the directory for anything other than user accounts?

Not yet.

The scalability problems which you will inevitably encounter will be a direct result of this poor design. I would demote the architect who signed off on this design and make him work "LDAP support" at the help-desk without chance of being promoted again. Seriously. Make him eat his own dog food.

I agree that having a deep hierarchical structure can be very problematic and subject to high-maintenance, and I generally do not support that type of design. The closer you are to a flat design, generally the better, but having a completely flat design is even worse that having too deep of a hierarchical design, IMO.

As a result of this poor design which you have to work with, you are now placed in the position in which everything else you do is going to be far from optimal.

My advice: Try to get assigned to a different project. Save yourself while you still can!