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Re: LDAp performance limites to 50 searchs /s?

--On Thursday, January 20, 2005 5:39 PM +0000 Leigh Porter <leighldap@leighporter.org> wrote:

Umm no, I do nto have a DB_CONFIG - I'll go and generate one. Thanks.
| cachesize   10000000
| dbcachesize 10000000

dbcachesize is a back-ldbm option, regardless of whether or not you are using BDB-4.2 to build the ldbm database on top of it. DB_CONFIG is not necessary when using back-ldbm.

Does your slapd.conf say "database bdb" or "database ldbm".

Note that it is recommended that you do not use the ldbm database format, but instead use the bdb database format, and then properly configuring DB_CONFIG will help you.

I'll also note that the cachesize you have selected seems quite large. How many entries exist in your database? For Stanford's 60k active email accounts, we cache 20k entries, and that works quite well.


shows Stanford's averages across the day for email queries.


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