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Re: LDAp performance limites to 50 searchs /s?

Sorry folks, I just read the last post - here are some specs ;-)

Open LDAP 2.2.20 on a AMD64 3200+ with 1Gb of ram.
The directory is basically inetOrgPerson qmailUser searching (and indexing) mail
and mailMessageStore.

I am using bdb 4.2 and the database config says:

cachesize   10000000
dbcachesize 10000000

Leigh Porter

Leigh Porter wrote:

Hiya folks,

I am trying to tune OpenLDAP as best I can on a couple of boxes. All
the attributes I search on are indexed, my cachesize and dbcachesize are
scaled to suit my database and I compiled with TCP_NODELAY and yet I can
not get over a 50 searches a second barrier.

To test I am running simple shell scripts that call ldapsearch, I run say
50 of these on a single box but after about 5-6 instances by search rate on
the ldap box does not go above about 50 per second.

I am using the following query to find the number of operations currently recorded
on the ldap monitor database and then running this every second and taking a delta,
is this a reasonable way to derive the number of searches per second?

ldapsearch -LLL -x -b "cn=Search,cn=Operations,cn=Monitor" '*' monitorOpInitiated

Aside from that, it works fine :)

Thanks folks,
Leigh Porter
Systems Architect