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Re: LDAp performance limites to 50 searchs /s?

Hiya Folks,

OK, I have this LDAP tree running on 2.2.20 on Linux 2.6 on a AMD64 3200+ with about 2Gb of
memory. There are around 3500 quite small entries, I am running a simple search on multiple machines
with the following:

for i in `cat email`
ldapsearch -LLL -h db1 -x -b "dc=testdomain,dc=co,dc=uk" "(mail=$i@testdomain.co.uk)" mailMessageStore > /dev/null

I run say 5 of these on about 3 boxes just to give the LDAP box some traffic.

The problem is that no matter how many instances of this test script I run, I only ever get about 50 searches
per second form the LDAP server, I would have expected more..

Thanks to the helpful comments from this list I have created a DB_CONFIG with the following:

# Set the database in memory cache size - get the whole thing in memory.
set_cachesize   0       102400000        0
# Set database flags.
set_flags       DB_TXN_NOSYNC
# Set log values.
set_lg_regionmax        1048576
set_lg_max              10485760
set_lg_bsize            2097152
set_lg_dir              /usr/local/var/openldap-data/logs
# Set temporary file creation directory.
set_tmp_dir             /tmp

The large cache is to get the whole database into  memory.

Here is slapd.conf (relavent bits only)

threads 100
loglevel 0

database        bdb
index   objectClass     eq
index mailMessageStore sub,eq,pres
index mailServices sub,eq,pres
sizelimit unlimited
cachesize   10000000
dbcachesize 10000000

This is what I get from checking the Search Operations Initiated on the monitor db:
(never more than 50 searches/s if that)

monitorOpInitiated: 4000
monitorOpInitiated: 4044
monitorOpInitiated: 4088
monitorOpInitiated: 4132
monitorOpInitiated: 4176
monitorOpInitiated: 4220
monitorOpInitiated: 4264
monitorOpInitiated: 4309
monitorOpInitiated: 4354
monitorOpInitiated: 4396
monitorOpInitiated: 4439
monitorOpInitiated: 4484

Assuming my attempt at a DB_CONFIG and the slapd config are OK, I am thinking that this may be a limitation
somewhere els eon the box.. Can anybody help out with this please?

Thanks folks!