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Retrieving all subtree data of an alias entry



I have Openldap 2.1.22 installed on my Linux box using ldbm db type.


My DIT looks like following:




            NameAlias=name=aaa,ou=dept,l=kr        (alias, extensibleObject)




                        address=bbb    (subentry)

                                    subs=ccc    (subentry)



When I perform "ldapsearch -x -s sub -a always –b ou=node" I get

the atributes which are the part of "ou=node" entry (OK) and the atributes

which are in the "name=aaa" entry (OK), but I don't see "address=bbb" dn

neither the atributes of this subentry (and other subentries).


My question is : is it possible to get all the subtree data of

an entry to which points an alias object ?

So I'd like to see also the atributes of "address=bbb", "subs=ccc" ... subentries

when performing search on "ou=node" entry using alias object.


Hope somebody could help me with this.



Best Regards,