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Re: schema problem

Daniel Corbe wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm trying to create a really simple schema and its not appearing in
> ldap at all:
> attributetype ( NAME 'voipamericasMysqlUser'
>         DESC 'VoIP Americas PHPMySQL Administrator'
>         EQUALITY booleanMatch
> objectclass ( NAME 'voipincACL'
>         SUP top
>         DESC 'VoIP Inc ACL object'
>         MAY voipamericasMysqlUser )
> I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong
> Any ideas?
> -Daniel

>Have you included your schema in slapd.conf?

 After including the schema file in the slapd.conf you have to restart the
slapd and also include that objectclass in the ldif which contain the
attribute voipamericasMysqlUser.