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Re: adding new partitions [auf Viren überprüft]

Dieter Kluenter schrieb das Folgende am 11.01.2005 18:38:

What's the right way to expand an installation with an new subordinate
partition, i.e. ou=test,o=foo,c=bar?
Do I have to add the ou=test first to the DIT?
This does nothing!
I deleted all databases and deactivated the subordinate.
Then I populated the master partition with o=foo,c=bar.
Everything is fine.
I add the entry ou=test,o=foo,c=bar.
Everything is fine, ou=test appears.
I stop slapd and activate the subordinate partition and start slapd.
Everything is invisble again!
I add the entry ou=test,o=foo,c=bar again.
Everything is fine.

Is this the way to do ist? [openldap-2.2.17-stable]

Do I need a rootdn for every partition?
yes, but according to slapd.conf(5) rootdn should be identical to all
databases of this naming context.
My fault was to asign "rootpw" to a "rootdn" outside the suffix...
"rootpw can only be set when rootdn is under suffix"
I removed rootpw there.

Additional question:
When there is no entry for this rootdn - which is the same as for the master partition and rootpw is set there in slapd.conf - in the DIT, will the rootpw for the master partition be used or do I have to add an entry in the DIT?