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adding new partitions [auf Viren überprüft]


In my very simple test environment I added a subordinate partition.
When a activate the partition in slapd.conf, everthing is invisible to my ldap-browser(s).
Adding the entry, which ist under "suffix" of the new database, is only accepted, when I add a rootdn of its own to the new partition and use this to authenticate with ldapadd.
After that, the wohle (new) DIT is shown.

What's the right way to expand an installation with an new subordinate partition, i.e. ou=test,o=foo,c=bar?
Do I have to add the ou=test first to the DIT?
Do I need a rootdn for every partition?
"It is recommended that the rootdn only be specified when needed (such as when initially populating a database)." [man slapd.conf]