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Re: Always about replica server

Ottavio Campana <ottavio@campana.vi.it> writes:

> If I just want to make a ldap backup server that does only copy the
> data from a master and is not contacted by clients, can I just bind
> the slave server to the loopback interface? I mean, is the slave that
> contacts the master to get the data or is the master that connects to
> the slave and pushes them?
> If the slave server contected the master, I could just bind the slave
> to and have got a securer backup server.

You could have the slave listening on a local socket only , that is
URI ldapi:// which would be more convenient.
There are two methods to replicate data, push and pull. While slurpd,
although a client, can be considered as push method, with syncrpl the
provider is pushing, when the consumer is in freshAndPersist mode,
while the consumer is pulling when in refreshOnly mode.

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