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Re: pop/imap clients using openldap

At 09:27 AM 12/18/2004, Kevin Appel wrote:
>I have been reading on the web about imap and pop daemons that can search openldap for information required for handling email and was curious if anyone is currently using this scheme.  The current setup runs one email server which handles pop/imap and sendmail for delivering the mail to the machine.  If I put imap/pop on another server and link the settings to openldap, will it be possible for pop/imap server to handle getting email from the server where it is stored?

OpenLDAP only provides a directory to hold information.  What
applications, such as an IMAP/POP server (or clients), store in
the directory or how they use that information is for them to manage.
Hence, you should direct your question to a forum serving the
IMAP/POP software you intend to use.

>One more question is about integrating sendmail with openldap ? Currently the machine running sendmail is configured as an openldap client and does ldapsearches whenever an email comes through to make sure the account exists, however the sendmail asks the system for the search and the system forwards that request to openldap.  There are some documents on sendmail and openldap that talk about using it for mail routing; is it possible to configure sendmail to do ldapsearches on it is own or will it always need to use the server it runs on to do searches?

See Sendmail docs (at <http://www.sendmail.org>) for information about
Sendmail uses directories.